My extra-curricular music career began in July of 1991 in the form of a country & western band. I did my best to pluck lead guitar for a band called Rod Woodson & The Trails End Band out of Spring, TX. My guitar talents were basic at best; however I made a few bucks on the side. I made even more money when I was paid extra not to sing. Not really, but I should have. Rod had excellent patience with my guitar playing and eventually I worked my way up from “sucking terribly” to simply “sucking”. He kept me because it made him laugh to see me trying to be country.


In 1994, I received the greatest gift possible from this musical endeavor; I met the woman I would later marry which was extremely ironic due to the particular atmospheric conditions in which we were performing…BFE. Let’s just say we rescued each other and now have a wonderful family.

The band dissolved in 1997 and I then luckily fell into another job gigging with Dale Nowak & Bustin’ Loose, also know as The Young Country KIKK Band. I was basically hired because I went to school with one of the guys (Jimmy Simon) since 5th grade and Dale and I also became good friends. I told them that it would cost them more than my first band to keep me from singing. They reluctantly accepted my offer and I began to pluck geetar once again. This time I got free stuff from the radio station. Cool.
The KIKK band lasted about two more years after I joined and then three members decided that they wanted to hang it up. Dale had a crazy idea to try his hand at becoming a DJ. I laughed at him and told him he was nuts. In those days it was us (bands) against them (DJ’s). After a year or so he seemed to be doing pretty well under the name Primetime DJ. He was always good at initiating things like that, and still is. He then hit me up about joining him but since I was used to being paid not to address the microphone, I was then confused. However, I decided to give in to the dark side and conform from a semi-talented guitar player to a completely inexperienced disk jockey. Makes sense, right? Dale bought an extra system and then preceded to teach me everything he knew about being a DJ. After those 3 minutes, I was on my way. Actually, Dale is a natural at entertaining and was an excellent teacher.
We both also had a phenomenal amount of help from another DJ, Rusty Snyder with Partyman Entertainment, with setting up our computer systems which we both still use today. Rusty also provides continuous support and advice whenever I need it. I began to feel more and more confident holding a microphone instead of a guitar and one day fairly soon it happened…my first tip! Not sure how much it was but I was pumped. I then began to develop my own style and personality, instead of simply repeating what I was taught. After about four years of working for Dale under the name Primetime DJ and numerous jobs under my belt, I decided that it was time that I became my own boss. All Time DJ was born! Now instead of being an employee of Dale's, I consider myself his partner yet a separate entity and we will continue to coordinate with one another to schedule events.